Monday, November 16, 2009

NYS rethinking new license plate issue

So the Governor has decided that it may not be a great idea to replace all the license plates in NYS to raise funds. Well, for one, I like the new (retro) plates even if with two cars and two trailers it would cost me $100.00. Some of the ideas I have to save money in the Empire State?

1. Close the NYC office for the Governor. Albany is the state capitol and if you need to do business with the Governor, then you come to Albany. The rent, the staff and all the travel costs would be eliminated.

2. Stop all the extras for the Legislators. I don't get paid a stipend for food and lodging to go to my place of employment. These people knew where the office was when they ran for office. Stop additional pay for commitee memberships and/or leadership positions. This is part of the job. And finally, no more offices in their district. With the internet and email, you can contact your representative easily enough. After all they aren't listening to us anyway. Besides, they never seem to be in their office anyway!