Sunday, January 24, 2010

Typical politics

The town of East Greenbush political scene is imploding...again. The Dems accuse the Reps of attempting to hold two positions, one town and one county at the same time. This is what exactly the Dems have done in the past. There apparently is a law that prohibits this practice now and regardless of who and how many have done in the past and in the present in other towns is just noise. If there is indeed a County law, then it must be upheld or repealed. I am not in favor of having one person in two positions because sometimes the county will need to do things that may not benefit our town. That puts the person in a compromised position, do I vote to protect the town or all my constituents in the county. Simply abstaining from the vote is not the answer because we the people would have no voice on the issue. Where are the political bosses of the political parties? Didn't they know this was illegal when they proposed the candidates?

There are enough good people, who when the time is right (and if not now, when????) will put their name on a ballot. If a special election is needed in this town, I hope Ann Taylor will put her battle scarred reputation back on the line. If she does, every citizen who is concerned about this town needs to get politically active and go door to door, make phone calls or contribute financially to her campaign. We need good people to correct the errors of the past, regardless of who did the damage, and get this town on an even financial keel.

I urge all to go to the Town Board meeting on Wed Feb 10th at 7:oo pm and during the open comment period, voice their concern and demand the town board start the process of a full and complete audit of the town. This is cheap money to get things straightened out.


  1. Hal,

    I agree with you about the independent audit, and CPA has been retained per resolution at the last Board meeting. However, given the matters which have come to light (destruction of public records in the erasure of the DPW computer hard-drives, etc.) we may need the services of the Office of the State Comptroller and perhaps the Attorney General.

  2. Don,

    We need to hold the town board accountable. Ask questions with boldness at the public comments a

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