Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mark's accomplishments

As many of you know. I have two children, Mark (20) and Katie (16). Both are incredibly smart and have great integrity. Anything other than that is just frosting on the cake. They are both very special people (o.k. I am sounding like Rose just a little here)But this installment is about my son.

Mark is currently attending Norwich University on a full NROTC scholarship (Marine option). He is currently finishing his Sophomore year. He has just successfully completed the competency testing and has been award his "rams head" as a member of the elite rescue team of the Mountain Cold Weather Rescue Company at Norwich. This is an active duty Army unit that performs helicopter rescues for lost and injured hikers and skiers through the New England area. He is the 181st cadet to meet the grueling challenges of physical training, rescue education and other competencies in order to wear the rams head.

On another note, he will be serving as the Gunnery Sergeant of the Marine corps. NROTC this coming academic year. This is the 3rd highest ranked Marine Cadet at the school.

Mark also has been accepted for an aviation slot with the Marine Corps upon graduation in December 2011. He will be getting married to Christina Lennon in January 2012, then off to Quantico VA for The Basic School (TBS) and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the USMC. His first duty station will be at Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida for three years of flight school.

Mark just received the TAWANI Foundation award of Military Excellence, awarded "for exemplifying the ideal of the "Citizen Soldier" through outstanding military knowledge, academic achievement, physical fitness, military bearing and community service. Cadet Siegel's determination to preserve our fundamental liberties through individual responsibility is demonstrated in his zeal to strive for personal excellence, maximum performance and dedication to exceeding all expectations. Cadet Siegel's "can-do" attitude is an inspiration to others and epitomizes the core values that form the bedrock of our nation's heritage." This award is traditionally given to graduating seniors, Mark is a Sophomore.

Mark currently holds a GPA of 3.85 and is majoring in Criminal Justice. Norwich University is the oldest private military college in the United States and is located in Northfield VT.


  1. Mary Murphy, Ann's momMay 4, 2010 at 4:34 PM

    Hal, I am so happy for your son. He must be quite a Man. Not surprised, look who his father is.

  2. Your son has a bright future. You rightfully should be proud Hal. We all should be thankful that there continue to be young people like Mark who choose to excel and also serve their country proudly.

  3. Hal,

    Your son is a man that we are all PROUD of. What an American!

    I wish he lived in East Greenbush. He would whip this town into shape in no time.

    Please, thank you son for his service.

    Catherine & Michael

  4. Hal, thanks for sharing the story of Marks accomplishments. He certainly is a fine young man any father would be proud of. Thanks Mark for your dedication to excellence, you are a very blessed young man. You are a precious crown of honor to your dad. Hal, you are on my list of all around smart guys too.

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