Friday, February 19, 2010

US Constitution alive and well in East Greenbush

I spoke to Chief Lavin of the East Greenbush Police this afternoon. He assured me that the East Greenbush Police adhere to The NYS and United State's Constitutions. We are free to assemble and express our constitutional right of free speach. Game on. TO the Tea Party.


  1. Hi Hal, I thought of you when a friend sent me this political e-mail. Go to youtube and check out Take Mine Freedom (2010 version). Very interesting. The origional is Take Mine Freedom 1948. This clip compares then and now.

  2. Knowledge is power, I am quoting Dwight. Thanks for your insight and willingness to check out the truth. The answer the town clerk gave you seemed to be very silly. Apparently everyone in the town hall are not on the same page.

  3. The Town Clerk spoke what she thought was the truth and cited a previously held "demonstration" where the protester(s) (not sure how many were there but sounded like one person) was told he had to keep walking or he could be arrested for loitering. She then told me to check with the Chief. I know Linda Kennedy, the Town Clerk, and she has ALWAYS been honest and forthright! I don't believe she spoke anything other than the truth as she knew it and even suggested who to contact for further clarification. So please don't shoot the messenger. Linda offered her idea of fact but referred me to others. I couldn't ask for anything more. I have also known Chief Lavin for about the same amount of time. I feel they are both good public servants and will back them to the hilt, unless they change (LOL).

    Bonnie, I know you weren't attacking Linda, but I just felt she did no wrong and I needed to state that clearly. Thanks for your input..

    P.S. I liked the video!

  4. Thanks for clarifying Hal. I like Linda and she has been helpful to me in the past. I would never shoot Linda.

  5. Hal, why can't we have our TEA PARTY in our own Town Park?

  6. Hal, have you read Mike's newest blog-Missing Records Update. I can't believe this. What has been going on at Town Hall. We know they committed ethics violations and there is talk of forgery in the last election. Now, what don't we know?
    We have to have a forensic audit to find out.
    Is this why the Super refuses to have that kind of audit? We can't let them get away with this!

  7. The hell with the town park. we need to have it right in front of town hall.

  8. I agree with Whatzup, in front of town hall would be preferable. We have to do everything to get the word out about the tea party . We certainly want an appreciable amount of people to attend. This can only be accomplished through MEDIA ATTENTION!
    This has to encompass everything, not a little bit at a time.
    What about it, Hal, Whatzup and Don Johnson.
    Do you agree that everything that has been going on at town hall comes out at once.
    Thinking about it, maybe we should hold back some for another time. This may be a woman
    Keeping in touch with Mike is imperative.

  9. OK, I am checking with the Library for a meeting room. All interested in the tea party should watch this blog for date and time. The tea party MUST be held in front of the Town Hall not tucked away in a park at the edge of Town. I was involved with the original tea parties in Albany and will kick this initial meeting off and lead discussions on what we have to do. Here is a small part of what is needed. 1) No politicians will be invited to speak. 2) someone needs to secure a PA system. 3) someone needs to volunteer for publicity. If the news media doesn't carry it, what's the point. 4) We need speakers! Ordinary citizens, need to select a topic they wish to make public comments about and stand in front of the group and speak. 5) Entertainment would be great. We used local singers and performers to entertain between the speeches. So it is now time to step up and be counted. Again watch this blog for date and time, then get the word out!

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