Friday, February 26, 2010

Voters lose in Court Decision

The voters of East Greenbush and Rensselaer County have lost in court. Let me state up front, I don't believe that a person should hold two offices. There will be a time when there will be a conflict and one cannot serve two masters. Having said that, the Democrats have used dirty tricks again to go against the voters wishes. The voters voted for Cristo and Danaher to represent them at the County Legislature knowing full well that they currently were serving on the Town Board. The Democratic party sued the winners to have them removed from the Town Board. Now we will end up with just three members serving the five positions. The Town law requires a simple majority for a resolution to pass. That means the only way something will pass is for all three survivors voting together to get anything done. that include the appointment of two replacements to the Town Board. The next election is in November so I again state that the voters of East Greenbush are being held hostage for the next 9 months! Mr. Matters, DON'T cave in, stand your ground and represent your constituents. You are our lone voice in this battle. Please do not go along to get along.


  1. I agree, Hal. Their dirty tricks started last summer and continued to yesterday.

  2. Well I guess nothing is going to be done concerning their illegal acts.
    Same old, same old. They know they can do
    anything they want without any consequence. How stupid we are! All talk and no action!!!

  3. Action is being taken! Have you been to a Town Board meeting lately? the place is packed. Citizens are attending the meeting and some of us are speaking out at the public comment portion. We need to keep going to the meetings, hold the Board members accountable. Have the explain their actions or inaction in the public eye. This is our town.

    Another action is the calling for a Tea Party in front of Town Hall. Attend the organizational meeting at the Library on March 8th at 7:00 pm. Get involved, help make this happen!

  4. Hal, the Town Finance Committee meeting is March 3.
    Dwight is looking for someone to take notes.
    How about it, Hal, would you consider it?
    I hope so.

  5. Ruth,

    Unfortunately I have a previous engagement that I can not reschedule or miss. Besides, I am not sure I could sit there and keep my mouth shut!

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