Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I thought it was a fantastic meeting. We got focused and found common ground for all that attended. There was somewhere between 20-30 people in attendance.

As I stated from the beginning, this is not my tea party. I had envisioned a public demonstration on a Saturday in front of Town hall, fashioned after the tea parties that were held in Albany. We would have lots of ordinary citizens speaking out for what they were passionate about, some entertainment and lots of media coverage. After a pledge of allegiance to the flag I got right down to the agenda describing what was necessary to have a successful event.I had a very attentive audience, but very quiet. It became apparent that most (I dare say all) in attendance were under the impression and wanted to have a meeting of education and focus on Town issues. The group wants to discuss issues regarding the running of our town, how to stabilize the debt load, get out of debt and have responsible govern-ship. So this is where we are headed. We plan to have bi-weekly meetings and at some bring in speakers who are knowledgeable about issues facing our Town. We will split up the public meetings of the Town so not everyone needs to attend every meeting but can still get the information. Those who attend the meetings will bring back information to the group for dissemination and discussion. We will focus our combined efforts to hold those elected to serve us accountable.

Anyone who is interested in being involved in our Town and getting educated on how government is supposed to work is invited to attend our meetings. OUR MEETINGS ARE NOT ALIGNED WITH ANY POLITICAL PARTY, but just a group of concerned citizens from the left, right and in between. We discuss actions of individual elected officials from time to time, but are much more concerned about being educated so we can make appropriate decisions at election time.

I will formally announce the date and time when I confirm with the Library for availability.


  1. The dates for the green teat party meetings are as follows:

    3/22; 4/5; 4/19; 5/3; 5/17; 6/14;

    All will be held at the East Greenbush Community Library at 7:00 pm.

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