Friday, March 5, 2010

Update of EGFD electronic sign

So I spoke to a source who is knowledgeable on the subject. He told me that the fire district paid for half the sign, so I wasn't that far off base when I said it was tax dollars.

I also learned that it is a used sign. It once stood proudly in the formerly vacant building known as Grease Monkey. The install was free and the sign discounted so it only cost about $6,000. Still a lot of tax payer dollars when you look at the traffic count for that road. Putting it in front of the mostly abandoned former fire headquarters at Hays and Columbia Turnpike would have made more sense from a traffic volume standpoint.


  1. Who owns the Grease Monkey?
    I'll bet there is a story behind that.

  2. Who gave the ok to spend much needed tax money on a useless sign?

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