Sunday, April 11, 2010

Invitation to education (Town policies and politics)

I don't particularly care about what party someone belongs to or if they switch mid stream or anything else. I have been educating myself, with the help of many people, to what is supposed to be happening in town government. It is nearly impossible to attend every board meeting for every department to stay informed with what is happening in this town and to have any kind of personal life. Some of the Towns concerned residents have formed a group currently called the East_Greenbush_Tea_Party. This was originally my idea and I wanted to have a protest in front of town hall to show that citizens do care about what is happening. That first meeting, it became very clear that most in attendance wanted an education and a place to discuss issues within the town. We meet every other Monday at the East Greenbush Library at 7:00 pm and generally go until 9:00 pm (closing time for the library). The next meeting is April 19th. THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL PARTY SPONSORED OR AFFILIATED GROUP. We have and want more people from all parties, philosophies and ideals to come together and discuss what is happening in our town and how we can make changes.

I personally don't want politicians there. Currently Mike Christo comes and so does Ann Taylor. Neither of them are currently town elected officals, if that status changes, they will be asked to no longer attend.

I have also asked people who are diabolically opposed to my conservative leanings to come and be members. I am pleased to say, some come and have brought a valid different view of how things should be. We need to have open discussions with all point of views to move forward. This one particular gentleman, has brought his ideas, been given time to express them and has taught me much. I don't understand his reasoning for wanting bigger government, but that is something I hope to try to understand through discussion at a different forum. What he has stated and I agree with totally is we have to move the governing of East Greenbush forward. Name calling and witch hunts will not let this happen. We need civil dialog and honesty and integrity from all our elected and appointed people. I have expressed ideas I have had and vetted them in front of this group. After listening to their feedback, I have changed tactics in order to make my points more appropriately. Our group is a great place to spend a couple hours every two weeks to get educated and meet fine individuals from different political perspectives.

Please join us, come and say or don't say anything. I am not the leader of the group. I am the "facilitator". We are a group of adults who can manage to fill two hours with information from those who attended meetings and those who have particular expertise in areas of concern.

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