Sunday, April 11, 2010

No vacancy

That is the sign that should appear over our Town Board meeting hall if the County votes to amend the law regarding the holding of multiple elected positions simultaneously. I have said in the past, I do not condone the practice, but this should have been resolved prior to the elections. The voters of East Greenbush and the legislative district, have decided to allow two individuals to hold dual offices. Whether the voters ASSUMED those elected to the legislature would give up their local seat or not should have been asked prior to voting. Once again, as voters, we have shown our lack of understanding of the issues. We MUST educate ourselves and become and educated voting group.
What law specifically grants the town board, or anyone else to choose people to complete terms on the board? I know it has always been done that way, but is it legal?
If the court system removed the two individuals, once the reason no longer exists, simply retake your seats gentlemen. It is what the voters wanted.
scuss things and learn.

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