Sunday, December 13, 2009

Contacting our Legislators

I have been fed up with the State politicians for a long time. I have written emails and received responses from their offices. My latest complaint is the lack of responsibility for closing the State shortfall and the Governors plan to not pay state aid to localities so there is enough money to pay the bills. Well, it is my opinion that state aid to localities is indeed a bill that the State must pay. I contacted my Senators office and a very polite person listened and stated someone would get back to me regarding my concerns with the legislators lack of proper fiscal responsibility after speaking with the Senator. I then called my Assembly person, Ron Canastrari. I was told the Assemblyman was out of the office until Monday and would get back to me regarding my concerns. On Friday morning I was driving to the Cape to help a friend move and listening to tunes in my pickup. The music was good and loud and I missed the call or the Berkshires blocked yet another signal, anyway, I had a voice mail not from Canastrari's office, but for Canastrari himself! He indicated he was traveling, but wanted to discuss my concerns. WOW! I called back to the number he left which was different then his main office number, and left a message. Say what you want about politicians, but here was a man, who I don't agree with a lot of his choices, but took the time to listen to one of his constituents personally. He has my attention. Once I speak to him, I will follow this post up. My concern revolves around utilizing next years stimulus money for this years debt and not getting enough money to close the entire gap.

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