Thursday, December 10, 2009

EG Town Board meeting

Last nights Town Board meeting was the last for Dean Kennedy and he took the time to address some issues he wanted to get off his chest. I don't know Dean, I don't think I ever had a personal conversation with him, but I was quite moved with his farewell speech last night. There were things in the elections he reportedly were behind that were dirty and underhanded. Those affected decided to keep those out of the public and I will not repeat the charges here because, 1. I was not involved and if the parties involved don't want them brought up, I won't. 2. The election is over and it is a time for healing.

What I will give Dean credit for is how he addressed the use of anonymous and screen names in blogs. I have stated before and will repeat, if you have something to day, take credit for your point of view. If you are afraid of repercussions for your thoughts and/or beliefs, then you are apparently not passionate enough to take a public stand. There is a reason the Town Board requires you to state your name before you speak and why the TU requires you to sign your name in letters to the editor. Where Dean and I disagree is that I believe the blogs are useful and in today's world of no forum for debate, the blogs can be useful.

Dean, You stated you don't read the blogs, unless someone calls your attention to them, well if you read this one, I thank you for your service to the Town for the last eight years. You spoke about it is sometimes a thankless job and you are right. It takes a person who is passionate about his community to continue to stand up and keep getting hit. Regardless of your political alliegence, you have made a difference in this town and I am grateful.

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