Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger in the tank

Well another one bites the dust! Here is Tiger Woods, a man who found his passion (no not that - golf), and appears to have thrown it all away. His beautiful wife has left him, gone back to Sweden, he is now facing allegations he was driving, well attempting to drive, while either intoxicated or stoned or both. At last count 10 women have come out and claimed to have been "with him". On Fox today I heard that there were parties where women were "imported" to meet his tastes to be available on his road trips etc. Now Gater Aid has dropped him and will no longer sponsor him. Is this the first of many? I think so.

My point? Here is a man who seemed to have everything and just tossed it all away while throwing away his integrity. That's right. He threw his integrity away and everything else is now going out the window with it. Tiger, at least it seemed, was unique. He was a quiet superstar. He never appeared to be a partyer and was not airing his dirty laundry in front of everyone. He seemed to be a man of integrity, honest and proud, not so much anymore. Once you give away your integrity, that's right no one can take it from you, you stand to lose everything. What ever you do, learn this from Tigers mistake. No matter what opportunity is presented to you, think. Is my integrity worth what I can take advantage of for the moment? I'm sure that Tiger had women throwing themselves at him as he is successful, handsome and rich. I can't speak of his personality, but I'm sure it was nice, but by not thinking about his integrity, he has now lost so much of what he loved. His professional career will be always scared from this. He has apparently lost his wife and now possibly so much of his earning potential and his net worth.

Can Tiger recover from this? Of course, but it is going to be oh so hard. He will need to work so much harder to get his integrity back and be trustworthy again and so much more difficult than if he had made the hard choice and asked himself about what his actions would do to his integrity.

The lesson, ALWAYS ALWAYS ask yourself the most important question before acting, How will my decision and actions affect my integrity? The more you practice this questioning, the easier it will be. I think if you asked Tiger now, was his choices worth all that he is in the process of loosing, he would answer NO!

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