Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Health Care fiasco

Why has all the hoopla died down about health care in the news? This isn't over. They have to reconcile (read water down) the Senate proposal with the House version. There is still time to challenge this fiasco!

Where is the outrage about Senators selling their votes? The last remaining Democratic Senators literally sold their vote and the leadership(?) bought them. The new bill seems to be so watered down that no one will benefit from the changes. This is ridiculous and blatant!


  1. What a joke, welcome to america right?

  2. I think many of our Congressmen and Senators were brought before they took their oath of office. People are starting to wake up in America. I can only hope it's not too late to turn our country around. The Tea Party and Patriots are good activists groups. Thanks for speaking up Hal on the EG Blogs. You have a lot of common sense that many politicians in EG seem to be lacking. Your a great American.