Wednesday, December 16, 2009

East Greenbush now has a junk bond rating! All of a sudden we are in debt to the tune of $2.6 million! What is the first reaction from a spokes person from McCabe’s office? A 15% tax increase!!! That’s right Fred Nero stated they knew about this all the way back in 2008! Well why didn’t you do something? The town supervisors office also sited several developments that are on the planning board that will raise income for the Town. Really? Do they have any tax breaks for building in Town? How much will they add and how much more will it cost for infrastructure. Hoping that non-built developments will bail us out of this is like the State using next year’s stimulus to pay this year’s shortfall.
Rick Matters and Phil Danaher, both of whom I like on the board, said they were unaware of this deficit and that they were recently told that everything was financially fine by the Supervisor. That is unbelievable! Doesn’t the Town Board, you know the governing body of our local government, ever review the income and expense sheets? These should include amounts of borrowed money etc.? If not why aren’t the board members either demanding to see them and/or making it public that they are not allowed to see the books? Why is McCabe apparently able to hide things from our other elected officials?
Now is the time people. We need to tell our elected officials we have had enough! Call and write to our officials and tell them NO TAX INCREASE! Here’s an idea, do what we have to do in our homes! Cut the budget, that’s right 15% to start across the board! Yes that will include layoffs, cut services and reduce expenses. It means opening contracts and renegotiating union contracts. How about the dispatchers $1,000.00 per year, every year for longevity pay. Yep, every year the dispatchers get paid up to $20,000 each in longevity! How many get $20,000? At least two that I know of. That’s $40,000 savings right there, plus the lesser amounts for the other dispatchers with less seniority probably another $10,00- right in one department. What would we save if we closed down our dispatch center and paid the County to dispatch our services (like most of the rest of the county municipalities)What do the other contracts look like? How about clothing allowance for DPW workers? Do they need all the uniforms they get or can we cut the budget a little there? The Town board took less of a cut in pay then other boards in the Town (per Dean Kennedy), let’s have another look at their salaries and covered expenses. This is the level of government where we have a direct say. Get involved! Attend Town Board meetings and discuss your concerns!

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