Sunday, December 27, 2009


I just watched the History Channel about the Nazi regime and the assassination attempts on Hitler by some members of his army. As a first generation American of a German born jew, I have grown up with movies, stories and first hand accounts of the horrors of the Nazi regime. The similarities of how Hitler rose to power and the hunger of the German populace to embrace change is eerily similar to how our current President rose to power. I AM NOT SUGGESTING THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA WILL LEAD US INTO ANOTHER HOLOCAUST AND/OR WORLD WAR, but I am concerned with the move to a socialist platform for our country. Will we go as far as the Third Reich went to make the population dependent on a central federal government? Are the right winged Democrats following the same path (knowingly or unwittingly) bad mouthing those who would challenge their motives? Can we get to a point of rioting and civil disruptions causing class, race or religious wars within our own boundaries? I am scared! I am concerned for the future of this country. We ALL need to get involved, as citizens, in our governing. We can do this most effectively in our towns and cities where we can have a direct input. We need to get involved in the existing parties rather then attempting to create a third or fourth party. By getting involved at a grass roots effort (real grass or astro turf)we can have a say in party platforms and candidates for office. If we stand by the sidelines, we will never have a say in anything.

Republican, Democrat, liberal or conservative, get involved. Get educated and help put the right people (your choice) into office to straighten out the mess we are in. Only by having a vested interest in our future can we affect change. Keep the debate based on facts, fair and open. If you have a different point of view, learn about the issue and debate the issue, don't attempt to smear the opposition. Please, we are all Americans. I truly believe none of us want to destroy our country or our way of life, but we need to get back to the basics. Get a copy of the Constitution and READ it. This is the blueprint we need to follow. The federal government is getting too big and destroying our rights. We need to take responsibility for ourselves, our families and our neighbors and not look to the federal government to look after our families and neighbors in tough times or natural disasters. We need to take care of each other and take responsibility for our actions and inactions.


  1. Hal that to me is part of the problem with our country, and people in this country they do not want to take responsibilities for their actions. They look to blame someone else, they look to someone to bail them out, when in fact if everyone just pitched in a little bit, then they wouldn't need to be bailed out in the first place. Now lets take Huricane Katrina for instance (I know sour subject) Did the federal government do somethings wrong yes, but did they actually create the storm no, they also warned people, just like they do with every hurricane to get out. And lots of people didn't heed that warning. Hal I knew a few people that ended up down there with the rescue, and I can tell you that from what I heard there was lots and lots of everything pumped into that area. The people that lived in that area needed to get up off of their asses and start helping themseves (and yes I know this is easy for me to say because I wasn't there). If one person did a little and their neighbor did a little and their neighbor did a little then that would have helped out greatly. I guess what I'm trying to say is stop sitting around and asking who is going to help me, get up and help yourself a little.

  2. You got it! One of the first newscasts I saw from the "front lines" of Katrina, was a woman who was angry and demanded to know where her FEMA trailer was. Excuse me? Like you said, they should have left and secondly, they should have been in line to sign up to help clean up neighborhoods, etc. The entire area (I know too general) should have been buldosed and anyone who actually owned property, should have gotten deeded rights to land further inland. Who builds a city on the ocean below sea level?