Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gov withholding local aid.

Well the Governor will not be paying the localities state aid so he has enough money to pay the bills. Well, isn't state aid to localities a bill? It seems to me that the Governor needs to pay the bills as they come due and when there is no more money, stop paying. He would need to go to the Legislature and ask for more money to pay off our debts. Why is no one in the media asking our legislators what their plan is for paying our bills? They are the ones who refused to address the shortfall of cash. They voted to close most of the budget cap but not the whole gap. What do they think will happen? Call you legislators and ask them.

It's nice to see Patterson is backing Spitzer for his return to politics. For someone with polling numbers so low, does he think it will really help?

1 comment:

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